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Gift Card Terms & Conditions

By purchasing, accepting or using a MJM Shoes or Burlington Stores plastic Gift Card or eGift Card ("Gift Card"), you accept and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and all applicable laws, rules and regulations, and MJM Shoes Terms of Use and Privacy Policy that govern the MJM Shoes web site.

  • Gift Cards contain no value until activated.
  • Gift Cards may only be redeemed for merchandise and services sold at MJM Shoes, Burlington and Baby Depot stores, and BurlingtonStores.com.
  • Altered, illegible and duplicated Gift Cards are invalid and will not be redeemed.
  • Gift Cards are not redeemable for cash, except in states where required by law.
  • Gift Cards may be used to make purchases only up to the available balance on the Gift Card.
  • Gift Cards may not be used to purchase other Gift Cards and cannot be reloaded.
General Terms
  • Protect your Gift Cards like cash. MJM Shoes/Burlington is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged Gift Cards or Gift Cards used without your permission. Lost, stolen or damaged, Gift Cards or Gift Cards used without your permission will not be replaced or refunded.
  • Gift Cards do not expire and MJM Shoes/Burlington does not assess fees for non-use. MJM and Burlington Gift Cards are not credit, debit or charge cards and have no implied warranties.
  • MJM Shoes/Burlington is not responsible for unauthorized or fraudulent use of Gift Cards, including the sale, purchase or attempt to use any cards purchased by or from an unauthorized seller. Burlington Stores reserves the right to deactivate, reject or cancel any cards issued or procured directly or indirectly in connection with fraudulent actions, except where prohibited by applicable law.
  • Terms and conditions may be subject to change without notice.
  • If the laws pertaining to MJM Shoes/Burlington’s Gift Cards require additional or different terms or conditions, then such terms and conditions shall apply.

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mjm designer shoes
mjm designer shoes
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